"Great podcast with Monk Burin, 😍❤ Loved it!""
Steve from Australia
"I loved your podcast with Elaine Pagels. I really liked how you interviewed her! Looking forward to listening to the one with Monk Burin on my next commute to work." 
Nicole from Switzerland
"Congratulations on your first season wrap up! Am so impressed ✨ Your own episode is so inspiring ✨"
Fiona from the UAE
"I was listening your podcast with Sarah Cameron and watched the movie with her, about the "water action"... amazing... so different, so scary what we do with our planet!"
Gosia from Poland
"I started watching Mind Your Manners and I just learned that I've been drinking soup and using my fork wrong all this time ; ) I have to watch the other episodes, so many nuggets of wisdom..."
Patricia from the US
"I enjoyed it the most. It's relatable and it resonates with me. It's exactly the kind of words I needed to hear right now."
Sarah from Philippines
"Great interview! (You) covered a lot of ground, and with depth - well done."
Seth from California
"Claudia (Romo Edelman) is intense! It’s one of the best podcasts I’ve heard and also very relatable for a guy..."
Milo from Switzerland
"It’s very touching, I had tears in my eyes many moments listening to this episode. Claudia (Romo Edelman) is so strong, determined, and beautiful..."
Pookie from Thailand
"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your podcast (with Mike Ang) - great listening to it while going for a walk."
Ray from Canada
"Your questions are really good... one of my favorite episodes!"
Oscar from Switzerland
“I just finished listening to Masha’s episode - wooow, what an amazing amazing woman ! And super podcast, loved the story she told of her life so far and how you teased out super interesting details!!!”
Maria from Bulgaria
"I just listened to The Founder Spirit podcast with Max Frieder. So moving, goosebumps, and yeah ok a few tears. What an incredibly brave and inspirational person! Thank you"
Michal from Israel
"I just listen to your podcast with Gabi Schenkel - I’m speechless… what a beautiful, inspiring, incredible story. Fantastic work Jennifer! Thank you so much for sharing these incredible stories 🙏🏻 and looking forward to new episodes."
Beata from Poland
"Nicole (Schwab)'s story has so much depth and you brought it out with your questions. Congratulations and looking forward to more!"
Heidi from Switzerland
"I just listened to your podcast with Heather. What a remarkable woman! Wishing you continued success with the podcast."
Simon from Germany
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